Additional Information

For information on Israel’s occupation and human rights abuses, see B’tselem: The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories. B’tselem is a well-respected Israeli human rights organization that monitors and documents human rights abuses in the West Bank and Gaza.

For basic background information on Israel, see The World Factbook, a publication by the Central Intelligence Agency.

For basic background information on the occupied Palestinian territories, see the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs: Occupied Palestinian Territories.

For additional active learning exercises, see Facing History and Ourselves – Teaching Strategies, which is comprised of “strategies that empower students as they connect the dots between the ethical choices they’ll face in life, and the positive outcomes they can create in their community and the world.”

For an excellent summary of four divergent responses to the question, “How can Jews in the United States respond ethically and effectively to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?” see Mitch Chanin and Rebecca Ennen’s Guidebook for Deliberation About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Philadelphia: Jewish Dialogue Group, 2013.

For two videos on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict see:

  • Anthony Bourdain. Parts Unknown – Jerusalem” (CNN)
    Culinary expert Anthony Bourdain visits Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza, concentrating on the rich history of the people, and their food and culture. Season 2, Episode 1. To watch the full episode click here.
  • The Conflict Zone: Understanding Both Sides of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict,” by Aziz Abu Sarah (National Geographic)National Geographic Emerging Explorer Aziz Abu Sarah meets with people from both sides of the conflict in order to better understand and communicate how this international dispute impacts their everyday lives. These four eight-minute videos include: 1) Uneasy Coexistence, 2) Israel Defense Forces, 3) Palestinian Protesters, and 4) A Space to Talk.